Publisher Paul Metcalfe enjoying the powder
Publisher Paul Metcalfe enjoying the powder

The Snowline is for everyone that loves the snow and the mountains. For the people that start praying for early snow as soon as the leaves start to turn orange. For the people who can’t stop smiling when the snow plough wakes them up at 5am.

We cover stories about real people living out their snow adventures in the mountains. The innovators, pioneers and the characters who make the mountains and snow sports so amazing.

We will also cover interesting news from the world of ski, snowboard and snow sports. We share cool videos and the best snow sport photography. And we sometimes share our thoughts on new gear.

The Snowline is European focused (based out of Switzerland and France) but we will cover international stories.

All in the name of giving you what you want for the few hours a day that you’re not out in the mountains.

If you have a story to tell, get in touch with us via our contact page or email hello@thesnowline.com

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