After 10 years of FreeSki TV, Salomon have decided to change things up a bit this year. They are going to combine this channel with their popular Running channel. Honestly, I’m not really sure how it’s going to work but they’re making some promises for the upcoming season that I like the sound of.

Quoted from their release this week.

“We’ve sent a crew of Salomon freeski athletes to British Columbia, explored the Italian Alps, went on an expedition with Kilian Jornet in Norway, and took another lucky fan on his Salomon “Dream Trip”. And that wasn’t even the big one.”

Ok, you got my attention.

“In November, one of the most ambitious expeditions in the decade-long history of the Salomon TV franchise will debut. That episode follows a team of Salomon freeski athletes and renowned glaciologist Professor Alun Hubbard, PhD, on a 19-day ski/science expedition to a basecamp on the Greenland ice sheet.”

Sounds fairly awesome. Right? Can’t wait for it to get started. Enjoy their teaser below.

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